Redefining Drumming

Pursuit of

Sonic Excellence:

Step into the captivating world of Tohok Custom Drums, where a relentless pursuit of innovation and a deep love for the craft converge. Our story officially began in 2012, but the seeds of creativity were sown years prior.

In 2010, a spirited journey of experimentation commenced as we ventured into the realm of modifying store-bought instruments. And in 2011, a breakthrough moment arrived when the first prototype of our snare drum, affectionately named “Harpagan,” came to life. This marked the genesis of our quest for sonic excellence.


Art and Science

of Drum Building

Tohok is the harmonious union of two passions: percussion and metalwork. For over two decades, our founder delved into the world of metal craftsmanship, while simultaneously nurturing his ardor for drumming, which ignited in 1999. The name “TOHOK” is an acronym derived from the title of a song penned by our founder for his former band, symbolizing the triumph over personal weaknesses and the relentless pursuit of purpose. The distinctive spelling, “Tohok,” was proposed by a dear lifelong friend and collaborator in various musical endeavors. In fact, a musical project of the same name has also been active for some time.

From the very beginning, our mission has been to create exceptionally resonant instruments that stand apart not only in their sound but also in their aesthetics and innovative design. We yearned to craft musical sculptures that would not only bring joy through their melodic essence but also kindle a sense of satisfaction and pride in their owners—a testament to the fusion of art and craftsmanship.

From Dreams to Reality

Where music

becomes art

At Tohok Custom Drums, each creation embarks on a captivating journey, meticulously handcrafted to transcend the ordinary. Our drums are more than just instruments; they are extraordinary works of art and soulful expressions of passion. With every beat, we aim to evoke emotions and inspire musicians to explore the depths of their creative spirit.

Discover the allure of Tohok Custom Drums, where music finds its voice, and dreams come alive. Join us on this harmonious adventure as we continue to produce extraordinary soundscapes and craft awe-inspiring masterpieces that resonate in the hearts of artists and enthusiasts alike. Forge your sound with us!

Your sound

your way

Looking for a truly personalized sound? At our shop, we don’t just offer off-the-shelf drums – we can also create a custom drum that perfectly fits your style and sound preferences.