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Handcrafted beauty, handcrafted sound. With a unique and designer look, our drums deliver flawless sound that will elevate your music to the next level.

carbon steel / brass / copper


1,5 mm

Drums that stand out for their exceptional features.

Shells are made from a 1.5 mm thick sheet of metal, which is laser-cut and then carefully hand-formed. This process results in a one-of-a-kind shell structure that produces a warm sound with a clear attack. What’s more, the edges of the drums are crafted by hand, wrapped to the inside of the drum to further enhance the sound quality. Unwanted overtones are eliminated during the forging process, while the Tohoop drum hoops help to accentuate the attack.

Choose from three different shell materials – carbon steel, brass, or copper, each with its own unique sound characteristics. Forged copper produces a warm, wide sound that’s easy to control with minimal tuning adjustments. Forged brass is resonant and produces a wide range of sound. And forged carbon steel is versatile and sounds great in any tuning and dynamic range.
Take your drumming to the next level with Tonos!

carbon steel / aluminum / brass / copper


2,0 mm

The edges and snare beds of our Topos drums are meticulously hand-finished.

The Topos collection offers an expansive dynamic range and is suitable for a wide variety of musical genres.

The 2mm carbon steel produces a dark and expansive sound with moderate overtones. Brass offers a rich texture and full-bodied resonance, with a wide range of harmonics that can be easily controlled with subtle dampening. On the other hand, aluminum provides a warm and balanced sound that combines the attributes of both metal and wooden snares.

As an added bonus, our Topos line includes a deeper 8″ snare drum, making it the perfect choice for those seeking a meatier, fuller sound that resonates with passion and intensity.

Topos drums are equipped with TOHOK single-point lugs (available with carbon steel and brass shells) or TOHOK tube lugs (available with copper and aluminum shells). Our standard production process includes brass lugs, which can be patinated, aged, or powder-coated to achieve your desired finish.

Carbon steel / stainless steel / aluminum


3 mm

Each Totem drum is meticulously crafted with a sturdy shell made from a 3mm sheet of premium metal. Our precise laser cutting, rolling, and welding techniques ensure a foundation that exudes strength and durability.

Totem drums boast an impressive dynamic range, allowing you to explore a wide spectrum of musical genres. To enhance the overall sonic experience, our collection showcases the use of Tohoop hoops, which accentuate attack while simultaneously opening up the sound of the snare drum.

Furthermore, Totem drums are equipped with TOHOK single-point lugs, which we produce using brass as our standard. These lugs not only add a touch of elegance but also contribute to the overall functionality and design.

When it comes to sound characteristics, the 3mm carbon steel produces a dark and wide-ranging tone with a moderate amount of additional overtones. On the other hand, stainless steel offers a brighter tone compared to carbon steel, introducing a hint of rawness. Meanwhile, aluminum delivers a warm and balanced sound, seamlessly blending the attributes of both metal and wooden snares.

Your sound

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Looking for a truly personalized sound? At our shop, we don’t just offer off-the-shelf drums – we can also create a custom drum that perfectly fits your style and sound preferences.