carbon steel / brass / copper

1,5 mm


Drums that stand out for their exceptional features.

Shells are made from a 1.5 mm thick sheet of metal, which is laser-cut and then carefully hand-formed. This process results in a one-of-a-kind shell structure that produces a warm sound with a clear attack. What’s more, the edges of the drums are crafted by hand, wrapped to the inside of the drum to further enhance the sound quality. Unwanted overtones are eliminated during the forging process, while the Tohoop drum hoops help to accentuate the attack.

Choose from three different shell materials – carbon steel, brass, or copper, each with its own unique sound characteristics. Forged copper produces a warm, wide sound that’s easy to control with minimal tuning adjustments. Forged brass is resonant and produces a wide range of sound. And forged carbon steel is versatile and sounds great in any tuning and dynamic range.
Take your drumming to the next level with Tonos!

Your sound

your way

Looking for a truly personalized sound? At our shop, we don’t just offer
off-the-shelf drums – we can also create a custom drum that perfectly
fits your style and sound preferences.

The Drummer's Choice



“Recently, I’ve been testing a very beautiful snare drum from Tohok Custom Drums and I don’t want to count my chickens before they’re hatched, but I’ve never achieved such a sound at my place before.”

– Jeremiasz Baum – rent a drummer –

“A steel bastard is heavy and sounds like it looks – it has an awesome punch”

– Maciej Nowak –

tonos collection

the art

of sound

We believe that crafting exceptional drums is both an art and a science. Our skilled craftsmen meticulously handcraft each drum to ensure that every detail is perfect. With decades of experience, our team knows how to select the best materials, form the shells by hand, and tune each drum to perfection. We put our hearts into every drum we create.

When you choose a TOHOK drum, you’re choosing an instrument that’s been made with care and passion, giving you the best possible sound every time you play. Join us in the pursuit of the ultimate sound and experience the artistry and precision of TOHOK Drums.