stainless steel

thickness – 3 mm


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Sonic brilliance of the TOTEM snare drum in the captivating “Inox” finish. Stainless steel resonates with a delicate sound, reflected in brighter tones, unlike carbon steel. Its raw nature adds notes of boldness and uniqueness.”

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TOTEM in „Inox” finish
– 14″ × 5,5” / 6,5″ 3 mm stainless steel shell

– Hand finished bearing edge and snare bed

– Tohok brass, powder coated lugs (single point)

– „Tohoop”” carbon steel hoops, powder coated

– Evans heads

– PureSound custom wires

– Chrome finish snare strainer

– 7/32” tension rods

– stainless steel mounting screews
– additional badge/ air vent for beefier sound/ more Decay

Europe – 50 euro

North America – 110 euro

Asia – 120 euro

Africa – 120 euro

South America – 130 euro

Australia – 130 euro

Elevate your sound to the pinnacle of sophistication with the TOTEM snare drum in the exquisite “Inox” finish. Crafted from a 3mm stainless steel shell and meticulously hand-finished, it delivers a harmonious fusion of precision, power, and pristine clarity. Complete with Tohok brass lugs, powder-coated “Tohoop” carbon steel hoops, and premium components, this drum is a true masterpiece. Explore endless sonic possibilities with Evans heads, PureSound custom wires, and the flawless chrome finish snare strainer. With 7/32″ tension rods and stainless steel mounting screws, this drum is built to endure and inspire. Unleash your creativity and embrace the unparalleled elegance of TOTEM in “Inox” finish.