carbon steel

thickness – 1,5 mm

Toxide black

930 940 

Black carbon steel snare drum. Delivering exceptional sound across all tunings and dynamic ranges. Its inherent balance and “naturally equalized” quality make it a versatile and pleasing choice for any musical style.

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TONOS steel in „Toxide black” finish
– 14″” x 5,5” / 6,5″” 1,5 mm cold forged steel, hand formed
– „Tonedge”” bearing edge
– Tohok aged brass tube lugs
– „Tohoop”” carbon steel hoops, powder coated
– Evans heads
– PureSound custom wires
– black finish snare strainer butt end
– 7/32” tension rods
– stainless steel mounting screews

Europe – 50 euro

North America – 110 euro

Asia – 120 euro

Africa – 120 euro

South America – 130 euro

Australia – 130 euro

“Introducing the TONOS “”Toxide Black”” Steel Snare Drum, a true masterpiece in both form and function. Handcrafted from 1.5mm cold forged steel, its 14″” x 5.5″” / 6.5″” shell is meticulously shaped to perfection. The revolutionary “”Tonedge”” bearing edge ensures optimal resonance and sensitivity.

Featuring Tohok aged brass tube lugs and powder-coated “”Tohoop”” carbon steel hoops, this snare drum exudes elegance and durability. Equipped with Evans heads and PureSound custom wires, it delivers a professional-grade sound that captures every nuance.

The black finish snare strainer butt end adds a touch of sleek sophistication, while the 7/32″” tension rods and stainless steel mounting screws ensure precise and secure tuning.

Experience the power and versatility of the TONOS “”Toxide Black”” Steel Snare Drum—a true embodiment of craftsmanship and sonic excellence.”